Discover the Kid-Friendly Magic of Flamenco and Circus at Flabaret's "Chaos in the Tavern"

Flamenco, with its passionate rhythms and intricate dance, may not initially seem like the most kid-friendly art form. However, Flabaret’s unique flamenco and circus show, “Chaos in the Tavern,” is specifically designed to captivate young audiences and provide them with an unforgettable experience. This extraordinary spectacle combines the pure essence of flamenco with the enchantment of circus, offering a subtle and magical introduction to Spanish culture that ensures children stay engaged and entertained throughout the performance.

Engaging the Youngest Audience Members:

At Flabaret, we understand that young children may find traditional flamenco performances challenging to appreciate fully. Their attention spans may wander, and they may become disinterested. That’s why “Chaos in the Tavern” is carefully crafted to ensure that even the youngest audience members remain captivated throughout the show. By seamlessly blending flamenco with circus elements, we create a subliminal message that keeps children engaged without ever feeling bored.

A Show of Delightful Contrasts:

“Chaos in the Tavern” is a show that balances the pure beauty of flamenco with the whimsical magic of the circus. While parents can revel in the awe-inspiring traditional flamenco performances, children can laugh at the clown’s hilarious mishaps, marvel at the juggler’s skills, and be amazed by the acrobats’ gravity-defying acts. This delightful combination of contrasting elements keeps children entertained and engaged, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for the whole family.

A Multisensory Experience:

Throughout “Chaos in the Tavern,” children will have the opportunity to experience flamenco in a multisensory way. They will hear the rhythmic percussion, witness the vibrant dance, and feel the power of the footwork resonating through the stage. The mesmerizing voice of the cantaora will echo in their minds long after the show ends. By immersing children in the sights, sounds, and rhythms of flamenco, we believe it is a vital part of their development and a wonderful introduction to Spanish culture.

Introducing Spanish Culture in a Subtle and Joyful Manner:

One of the unique aspects of “Chaos in the Tavern” is its ability to introduce Spanish culture to international audiences in a subtle, joyful, and entertaining way. As children laugh, clap, and marvel at the circus acts, they are simultaneously being exposed to the rich cultural heritage of Spain. The show serves as an engaging platform to introduce children to Spanish traditions, without overwhelming them. It sparks curiosity and leaves a lasting impression, igniting a love for flamenco and a desire to explore the country’s vibrant culture further.


Flabaret’s “Chaos in the Tavern” proves that flamenco can indeed be a kid-friendly experience when presented in a captivating and innovative manner. By blending the artistry of flamenco with the enchantment of circus, this show keeps children engaged, entertained, and fascinated throughout. It creates a space where parents can enjoy the beauty of flamenco while children giggle at the clowns, cheer for the jugglers, and marvel at the acrobats. “Chaos in the Tavern” offers a seamless fusion of art forms, fostering the development of young minds while introducing the vibrant culture of Spain in a subtle, joyful, and delightful way.

Bring your children to Teatros Luchana in Madrid at 13:00 and 18:00 every Sunday. If you’re visiting Madrid, love flamenco, and have kids, you can’t afford to miss this show! Join us for an unforgettable experience that combines the beauty of flamenco with the excitement of circus. Book your tickets now and create lasting memories with your family.

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